Dungeon Looter DEMO released!

Download the demo now, I guess? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1228320/Dungeon_Looter/

Dungeon Looter played with 4 players.

OK, since no one is reading this page anyway, I will write some random article as my personal blog, since I'm just done with patching the demo yesterday and I want to take a day break.

The multiplayer game is good and is trending genre in this era, but is only good if it has player base, player base now becomes problem. And you know, hundreds of game is entering Steam every week and competing for players. Luckily, some game that is mass enough like Plasmophobia or Dead by Daylight is able to stay alive relying on player base, that's some interesting aspect and maybe some power of streamers.

Talking about player base, Dungeon Looter will have to implement bots later in the development cycle, think of the day when you played CS 1.6 with PODBOT having a blast by yourself (or got blasted in the head by PODBOT) because playing online is not even an option (hello, 56K MODEM), simply playing with bots keeps you entertained for at least hours. The bot does not have to be ground breaking like new CS:GO bots, but a simple fun like PODBOT will do for now.

Yet another Podbot for CS1.6/1.5 [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Modding Tools]
If you know what are these colorful noodles is, you are awesome!

Some people might say why not gitgud and do a better game, lower price, so the player keeps pouring in? Yea, it's right, but could be only in short term I guess, game will die down anyway one day, maybe when no more content is updated. So player that come later should be able to enjoy it as well, let's not make a game that has tendency to be abandonware.

Recently I found a Steam game from my fellow Thai developer which recently went out from EA (Early access), https://store.steampowered.com/app/977650/DwarfHeim/ It's a game about RTS but divided into 3 roles per team (builder, commander, miner) and it needs 3 players to play to fully realize the full potential of the game.


That's sounds like the game is very relying on player base to survive, although they did have some AI to fill the role but it's nowhere can deliver the experience when played by player. Not to mention they also has team PVP mode which feature 3v3, that's even more players needed!

This strengthen the fact that bots is needed for such multiplayer game. Like many mindless .io site game which saw a popularity for quite some time now.